Enhance your Mobile Ad Experience with These Key Elements

. Wednesday, February 20, 2013
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Do you want to deliver a relevant mobile ad experience? Then understanding mobile context is the key element to do so. Mobile context isn’t a rocket science and just a few people have been able to define this perspective explicitly enough so that it could work best for marketers.

There are four key mobile context elements, when implemented together, can result in superior user engagement as well as campaign performance. These elements include:

Where: The location of a user is an essential component in mobile context as near about 68% of smartphone is performed out of the home. The user’s location is the most relevant proxy for contextual significance in mobile as viewers are normally on the move resulting in frequently changing locations and with it, frequently changing user perception.

When: Just like location, the time of the day & the day of the week also play key roles in determining audience context. The research reveals that during the day mobile users carry out extensive searches to dig out the required information in a faster way while in the evening they are seen indulged in leisurely activities like shopping or browsing contents.

If you analyze the time of the day related mobile campaign strategy then this can help you target your audiences well. Exploring accessible data based on the day of the week & the time of the day ensures more informed & less wasteful mobile campaign.

Weather: Well, weather isn’t the most important contextual factor, but overlooking it may obstruct your mobile ad campaign. As smart phones have turned out to be the constant companions of users, they also experience all the climate conditions like us. So why to look over the weather factor?

Weather conditions play an important role in affecting everything from a customer’s mood to his/her buying decision. As a consequence, marketers have got a great opportunity to organize their goals and fulfill each weather conditions related need of customers.

What: While the above mentioned elements are key components to map a winning mobile campaign, mobile user behavior is also important in comprehending as well as reaching intended customers based on indirect goal.

Mobile users begin to actually get shape when marketers take into consideration to the type of content they engage with, searches they conduct and applications they repeat. Marketers can use this data to develop contextual messaging for essential mobile audiences.

As you build up your customer-centric mobile campaigns, it is relevant to note that mobile context is always witnessing significant change. It is important to keep testing as well as researching as an effectual context strategy may be ineffective tomorrow.