Top 5 Strategies for Successful SEO Campaign in 2015

. Friday, December 5, 2014
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SEO services are constantly on the verge of updation, which means many SEO experts are running towards a more holistic approach aligned with content marketing strategy as well as customary marketing techniques.
Here in this blog I’ve highlighted the current trends in SEO along with some tips that will fuel your SEO strategy for near future.

Conversational Keyword Phrases: Previous year Google’s Hummingbird Update completely transformed the way keywords are interpreted on the internet. However, the most significant change from this update revised the way the algorithm recognizes “conversational” phrases means the search queries to make sure the whole phrase is comprehended rather than a particular keyword. So, what such things mean for SEO experts?
That simply means you don’t need to tell your PR agency to build links and ensure backlinks are taken from trustworthy sites only. Make sure your anchor text link to your site is natural and not just keyword focused. And, ensure that your site is useful from user’s point of view which targets your audience with quality content and multimedia. Ensure to set up a social presence across the networking sites.

Traditional Links & Branding: Inbound links are still thought of the most significant factor in page ranking however, the way Google translates these links has now transformed. Earlier it was said that the more links you have the better your ranking would be. But, now Google thinks of implied links which are called brand mentions and the ratio they are spread all over the web in. brand mentions are the words on other websites or pages that mention or refer your brand’s name without any link.

If you’re involved with link-building campaign, make sure your links are natural from a widespread source with high authority. Setting up your own brand authority is said to be an important factor that improves your ranking.

Mobile optimization & User Behavior: While this isn’t a latest trend, the choice for online marketing company to support mobile trends shouldn’t always be an option. 1 out of every five people in the world uses a smartphone and 1 out of every seventeen people owns a tablet, you’re digging a hole for yourself if not focusing on mobile optimization.

In 2015, mobile optimization is going to be a key factor beyond just having a full-fledged website. So, focus on a mobile site too which should be readable, engaging and user friendly.

Content is always the King: If you want to rank for relevant search terms, make sure your site has quality content on it. Make user-focused quality content ditching duplicate, plagiarized or spinned content.

Social Media Integration: Because the search algorithms of Google are turning out to be stronger with each update, it makes sense if you integrate social media in your SEO strategy. Create a strong customer base across all social platforms so as to get your content be shared and liked.

Every time a Google update hits any site, people think that now SEO is dead, but in reality it’s not the SEO that is dead but the strategy implemented in it.

Consider these tips to reap benefits in upcoming year.