Independence Day- Seek the True Indian in us

. Thursday, August 14, 2014

It was 15th August 1947 when the tricolour was first hoisted and independent India was born. The tri colour was hoisted by the people of a nation who were exploding with keenness to lead a life of sheer freedom. Today, almost 67 years later, commemorating Independence Day reminds the same sense of patriotism. But, beyond the sheer excitement of patriotism, one needs to think deeper whether we have really come to that stage where our forefathers wanted us to. Are we independent in real sense?

No doubt our forefathers, our warriors, leaders and patriots had laid down their lives to help us lead our life in freedom, but still we haven’t got freedom from poverty, corruption, inequality and discrimination.

The poverty that qualms the sovereignty when we see miseries of children working in hotels, stores, picking garbage and selling Indian flags at signals. The corruption that has defamed our nation of those ministers whose connivery overlaps the headlines of every news channel and newspaper. The discrimination in society, all these are the points that raise a question- are we independent?

Celebrating the 68th years of freedom, you may not identify the sludge around the lotus, but you cannot ignore it.

Yet, every year the 52-second national anthem fills our heart with patriotism no doubt. We feel proud to be born in India, a country that believes in unity in diversity. But we cannot ignore the ugly faces of corruption, discrimination and inequality that are slowly weakening our nation. Why can’t we become a part of the change? Can’t you take an initiative to turn India into a better place? Of course we all can!

So, this Independence Day take a pledge to be a responsible citizen of India in true sense. Let stand together to crush the ugly faces of corruption and discrimination and live the dream of our martyrs, our warriors, great leaders and patriots of a beautiful India!