Basic DO’s N Don’ts in SEO for Better SERPs

. Thursday, December 12, 2013
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Nowadays, SEO Industry is turning out to be very invading; today, it is between the most favored web services these days. Thus it comes onto the role of SEOs or search engine optimizers( to not only modify the sites of clients according to the rules of search engines or the Google’s algorithms but also to understand the long term success. Each search engine has its own set of rules and algorithm.

Social Media Optimization

There are many tricks and techniques an optimizer has to pay while working with any site or to achieve the vision of making a search engine friendly site. In order to make the SEO efforts best delivering, it is rather mandatory to know the appropriate tactic and to implement them in a positive manner. There are plentiful SEO activities which are executed for different purposes. Seeing the huge demand, SEO is also increasing worldwide and at the same time competition is also getting rather tougher than the previous time.

There are few SEO companies out there which are zeroing their attention upon their own swift business gains, incorporate unethical or gray hat SEO techniques. The enclosure of such practices brings down the cost and they thrive to acquire the business, sending off their client’s interests to suffer in long term. In some cases they can give you short benefit but scar a site with a long term blemishes.

And, sites which got penalized with such activities lost their identity and never manage to come up again in future. So being a web owner you must check upon the unlawful promotional activities that a hired SEO company may use to make the reports impressive. This is the reason you must have a proper understanding of DO’s and Don’ts of SEO.

Check out the DO’s

• Pay some attention to high quality PR sites for backlinks
• Make certain to maintain a site having standard anchor tags and simple structure
• Use separate keywords for each page to make the page title unique
• Wherever it’s possible, use valuable keywords as internal link
• In order to benefit the users to maximum, upgrade the information
• Make sure you have created sensible and consistent navigation paths
• Find best promising keywords that can do well
• Think logically and treat every sub page of your website as a landing page

Check out the Don’ts

• Avoid using irrelevant keywords
• Don’t allow irrelevant links to the site to protect the ranking
• Keep away from cyclic keywords
• Avoid keyword stuffing as it could be suicide practice
• Don’t use the splash page
• Don’t create duplicate pages

These are just the major do’s and don’ts in terms of SEO that you can follow but the best part is that you are better aware with the search engine behavior and updated with the requirements and their quality guidelines. Let’s follow these basic techniques while doing good SEO work for long term success.