Google’s updating Its Algorithm! Rumour or True?

. Friday, October 11, 2013

Alert! Alert! Alert! It’s a warning Google’s conferring to all those webmasters who somewhere behaving contrary to its quality guidelines. Yesterday on September 4th & also on August 21st, there was a huge shout in chatter between the SEO and webmasters about the Google search results shifting and changing. There is a report of another Google update that may take place soon or till the end of the month or even earlier.
Many webmasters who few days back were receiving a good amount of traffic to their site even in bulk numbers are persistently dropping. Reason behind this skedaddles is indicating towards the latest algorithm update of Google.

Moreover, some of the webmasters have also sent a report to the care takers with the images In of their analytics that’s clearly showing a clear significant jump down in traffic from the Google organic source.
When Google was asked about this update whether it’s really rolling its algorithm they said in reply that: “We’re not upto make any announcement” It means that they won’t confirm if there is any update. Many of us already know that Google is always serotinal regarding its updates hence you can’t expect for any prior recommendation.

The September 4th chat began in the earlier morning we will have to wait crossing our fingers till next evening if the tools show commotion for today. The tools are delayed about for 24 hours than the general timing.
As Discussed above, it’s a Google’s normal mordacious style that it never confirms its updates we as web owners must get aware with this fact that on August 21st and September 4th, there was enough clatter to report to you that Google may have done some kind of algorithmic update.

So Guys, Don’t take it just a part of rumour as this rumour can turn out to be a critical cause for your online business. Filter your site and see what’s there that this update would mind in your site.