5 SMO Tactics to Promote Your Brand on Facebook

. Friday, November 9, 2012

Are you wondering the way to better use Facebook for your business? If yes, then move through with this post and go in the depth of hidden tactics which can incredibly aid you promote your brand amid millions of users. As you know social media optimization or SMO earns a vast reputation in terms of the brand promotion, you need to implement some heart throbbing strategies to mingle among users.
Facebook is supreme among all social networks that bestow a default platform to share the opinions of millions of users to the world hence supporting you to make your brand a mouth of words like other renowned companies. Many of the entrepreneurs have realized this fact therefore getting busy in creating their own Facebook fan page design by their company name or brand.

Post Sufficient Multimedia content

People prefer Facebook pages for many causes. They want learn about more new brands and discover the new one. It is good to upload multimedia images and videos to describe your brand but Do you know t content is more effective than videos or images? Most of the professional people prefer to read about your product rather than seeing them in flash through colorful images or videos. 
Hence you need to implement sufficient content on your Facebook page with product description but make sure that content is unique, meaningful and easy to understand. It will aid fans to know more about your services.

Bespoke your Facebook page's URL

Customizing your Facebook page’s URL is a mandatory action to perform because this is what pop up in the result. If you running a coffee shop then you need to implement ‘coffee’ word in the URL so that search engines could easily identify your page. A better Facebook page URL will get you better traffic, if your Facebook page appearing in search engine results then it is probable that people are frequently visiting your site and more and more people are being added in your circle.

Improve your Personal Profile

Your Facebook profile is door to your brand or services. So always make sure to add precise information in your profile. Give full address and contact detail. If someone is interested in your brand then he/she will definitely try to contact you through your Facebook page so mention proper web URL and as well as up to date contact details.

Keep connected

Most of the time people Designing a Facebook Fan Page by their product name but use them after the long term gap.  This is where your popularity starts decreasing. In order to stay in limelight between your Facebook fans, encourage fan-to-fan conversations and invite friends to have a chat. Stay online so that your fans could easily notice you.

If anyone of the fan adds comment on your newer post than reply them in positive manner. Being friendly is very necessary on this social site because there many people in network, who have different mood, don’t accept for the positive comments only get prepared for the negative as well. No matter whether they appreciate or demoralize your product or post, just appreciate their thoughts and revert answers them with positive attitude.

Announce discount offers on regular intervals

To make people jump on your product on Facebook announce discount offers on regular intervals so that people could think of buying your services. They will help to increase the visibility as well sell of your products because there in nobody in the world who hate discounts. Most of the people look for the affordable service and you can draw that kind of customers very easily to your brand.